Blue Angels Practice on August 24, PM in St Joesph, MO (Rosecrans Field)

Posted: 8/16/2018

If anybody is interested in going up to St. Joseph, MO on Friday August 24 and viewing a Blue Angels practice that afternoon starting at 2:00-3:00 PM here is how you can get in to Rosecrans Field. The public performances are that weekend on August 25-26 at the same airfield.

You must do the following to get your name in the RSVP pool, as there is security you must pass through to get in the gate.

  • Email the Navy League President, Captain Dick Scharff USN, Ret. directly at before 8:00 PM on August 16 and tell him your name, USNA Alumni Class, and the number of people in your party going. Your friends and family can get in with your in person escort.  

The gates open at 12:00 noon on Friday, August 24. It is a practice session and will not include all aircraft and maneuvers. The Blue Angels will not likely start their practice session until 2:00 to 3:00 PM. Enter the gate to the military airfield at the St. Joesph public airport. The gate is located on the South of the Main Runway 19-35. Again it is Rosencrans Field, which is a training facility for entire C-130 military community–Air Nation Guard, US Air Force, and foreign countries military.

To get into the base you must have one of these:  Name, Military ID or former Military papers, Membership in these organizations (Association of Naval Aviation, Navy League, Ft Leavenworth, etc.). You will need a drivers license or a picture ID card.

Parking is on the South part of the base close to the flight line. Golf carts will be available to help those who can’t walk. Seating will be available and water and food for purchase. There is a covered area for the group via Navy League. Restrooms will be Porta-Potties.

Host military org is:  139th Airlift Wing of the Missouri National Guard. Col Byron Newell, is Commander of the Missouri Air Nation Guard, a former Naval Aviator and who is a USNA Alumni.