May 28, 2017 (Sunday) Memorial Weekend Dinner & Concert

Posted: 6/2/2017

USNA Chapter participated in a dinner and concert at Union Station and the Liberty WWI Memorial in downtown Kansas City. 50,000 attended the outdoor concert. 2017

Agenda for Dinner at Pierponts 2017. Charles Cottita guest, Director Voice of a Generation, was a sponsor. Dinner organized by Lt.Col Greg Shuey, USAF Ret. (USAFA ’68). Invocation by Monsignor Stu Swetland, USNA ’81.

2017 Dinner at Pierpont’s inside of Union Station honored five WWII vets speaker was Debbie Austin, President American Gold Star Mothers. USNA Chapter mustered 26 out of the 63 total attending the dinner.

The Kansas City Symphony 2017 patriotic concert featured the centennial of WWI and honored military veterans in attendance. Concert was televised by KCPT public television in KC.

The 2017 Kansas City Symphony directed by Michael Stern played a medley of patriotic music.